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A Physical Therapist That Understands the Pain

Engaging with the ONE13 community and customers is one thing that’s really important to our team. Hearing stories about how ONE13 has helped people live more full lives is always inspiring us, so of course, we want to share them with you. In each story featured, we strive to learn about “one thing” that matters the most.


Speaking with Boris Yurganov, a physical therapist who works from home as well as in outpatient physical therapy clinics, it’s clear that his “one” is improving patient care.

We’re often told to ‘take it slow’ and to ‘smell the roses’ along our journeys. But when it seems all life wants to do is cram projects and assignments into our day-to-day lives, our own comfort is put onto the back burner. Like many Americans, Boris Yurganov knows this feeling too well. From working for Bioremedies MD and running an adult day care and outpatient physical therapy clinics, Boris has worked with all sorts of patients living all sorts of hectic lifestyles.

Having worked with patients dealing with pain, Boris felt as though there was a gap in the services his firm could offer patients. So, Boris did what any successful entrepreneur would do — research, research, research. After all, to provide the best care and therapy he could, Boris needed to make sure he endorsed only the best products to his patients. That’s how Boris came across ONE13, the perfect product to fill the gap in his practice.

Boris was born to pursue opportunity. In fact, Boris’s family saw the opportunity for growth in America, and they emigrated to the USA when he was nine. Later in life, Boris dropped his business major and switched to physical therapy because he saw an opportunity for a more fulfilling career. So when he was introduced to ONE13 and the opportunity to provide a reliable and quick-acting solution for pain, Boris knew he needed to pounce immediately.

As a physical therapist and advocate of ONE13, Boris provides patients with natural ways to deal with body pains. He understands that being able to find moments to relax and take it slow are near impossible. ONE13 has been the solution to bridge the gap in offerings Boris provides his patients. With quick application and quick relief, this CBD product has been instrumental in helping people of all lifestyles and backgrounds take advantage of their limited time and availability.

With all that said, why is Boris an avid supporter of CBD products? Well as he puts it, “[I’m] always looking at things that make sense logically. [And after] doing research on how it works on the body and all the functions of it, [I] found it’s the perfect support system for the body.”

After all, we all need a little support here and there. And with more and more people discovering that ONE13 is the “one” for them, isn’t it about time to find out if ONE13 is the “one” for you?

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