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The Legality of CBDs

CBD is legal to purchase, sell, and consume throughout the United States, as is cannabidiol oil. Unlike many other CBD…

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The FAQs of CBDs

Due to misinformation about CBD relief, we feel it is important to provide accurate information about CBDs as they relate…

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Make a Shift with ONE13

As a critical link within the healthcare continuum, you must be cognizant about when a shift outside the paradigm is…

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The Practice of Relief

Because ONE13 has titular contraindications and side-effects, this revolutionary product can be implemented into your any patient’s treatment plan, along…

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The Science of Relief

CBD is a cannabinoid with therapeutic qualities that be extracted from two different varieties of the hemp plant. In studying…

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Doing Our Part

Being a healthcare practitioner is difficult. The pressure that you face in providing relief and care to your patients is…

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