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An evolution in CBD topical relief for your practice.



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To keep up an active pace, our bodies need consistent relief from pain. Some forms of relief (PT, massage, chiropractic, or even rest) are not always possible when you’re living an active lifestyle. And unfortunately, they may not provide enough relief, even when utilized properly.

Whether used alone, or in combination with other relief techniques, our ONE13 relief solution will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Made from 100% organic hemp oil with Cannabidiol (CBD), ONE13 has been specially formulated to absorb quickly and provide long-lasting relief.

While CBD products can be prepared in many fashions,ONE13 has been scientifically formulated and prepared for topical application, allowing you to seamlessly work this product into your vitality routine while avoiding the stigma of pills.

No pills. No gimmicks. No expensive treatments.

And best of all? No slowing down.



ONE13TM CBD Topical Relief

Whether used alone, or in combination with other relief techniques, ONE13 is the relief solution that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Made from 100% organic hemp oil with Cannabidiol (CBD), ONE13 has been specially formulated to absorb quickly and provide long-lasting relief.

Directions for Use

Apply a pea-sized amount in a thin layer to affected area as needed.

For External Use Only

Do not use on cut, irritated, swollen skin or on puncture wounds. Avoid contact with eyes. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.


Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Coconut Oil, Glycerine, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Grapeseed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum, Refined Hemp Extract, Sorbitan Monooleate, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Limonene, Linalool


  1. Rudy von Strasser (verified owner)

    Not only does this a give great relief to my neck and shoulder pain, it is a great lotion that dispenses easily, spreads easily, and has very little aromatics. Much better than the stuff I used to buy at the local headshops.

  2. Kellie Marie

    I really like this product! It was easy to use and smelt nice. No weird smells and no oily residue. It did work fast on my wrist and neck issues.

  3. B Weber

    Lately I’ve been having soreness in my jaw due to clenching my teeth while sleeping. I applied the lotion to my neck, jaw muscles, and temples. Within minutes I felt more relaxed in those areas and experienced a decrease in tightness and pain.

  4. Jenna Pechman

    I love this CBD lotion! When I have sore muscles I put it on and get instant relief! It’s my go to and a great alternative to pain relievers!

  5. Brandon Cutler

    Great product! I use it for muscle pain and back pain and it works wonders! I highly recommend this product.

  6. Jill T

    Great product! It definitely helped relieve my shoulder and wrist pain.

  7. J Lee

    Simply put, this product is the best for sore and recovering muscles! After a pickup game of basketball, golfing, or an intense workout this lotion relieves pain on my joints and muscles!

  8. Trisha Lucy

    I love one13!!! I have been using it everyday for lower back pain, actually using it for anything that aches or is sore. It works incredibly fast! Leaves a very light scent (citrus tones) and absorbs immediately ! I have even started using it around my eyes for inflammation, works like a charm!! Highly recommend this product!!!

  9. Dominic dovidio

    Stuff is fantastic not oily very creamy
    No smell takes away the pain instantly
    I’m sold on it it really works

  10. Mark Terzich

    This ONE 13 product brought me tremendous relief from the pain that I was experiencing. Highly recommend it to anyone!

  11. Houston Todd

    This product is incredible. I have had back pain for almost 10 years. This is the first product that has given me any type of relief. Since I stated using One 13 I have been able to sleep through the night and work out again. Living without back pain has been life changing. I highly recommend One 13!

  12. Keri McCleary

    I love ONE13. It is easily absorbed and does not feel greasy or sticky. It relieves my muscle aches instantly. I highly recommend ONE13.

  13. Andrea Carlisle

    Arnica smarnica – I thought arica gel was the end all until I tried ONE 13. I am forever converted!! I got into a wicked car accident in December and am so happy to say that ONE 13 has helped the pain in my arm and neck tremendously. It’s also super cool that it’s organic and I can understand what the ingredients are – the power of these natural ingredients that our earth grows makes me feel even more excited to put it on my skin (our largest organ). Super stoked!

  14. Anthony Dovidio

    I have Tendinitis in my one hand from an old injury and ONE13 works great to alleviate and soreness or pain in my hand when I over work it! Just applying one little dollop as needed is enough to keep me from taking any oral pain meds!

  15. Amy Quirk

    One13 has been amazing for me! I had hip surgery a few months ago, and ended up falling which has caused a whole bunch of issues for me post-op, so I’ve been struggling with hip pain everyday. One13 has helped a ton, and the best part about it is it doesn’t have a menthol smell like most products do, the scent is very light which is nice. It’s also not greasy/oily at all, which is another added bonus!

  16. Taunya Altamirano

    I love ONE13. I had a severe ankle sprain that did not seem to be getting much better. I started using ONE13 and the difference was instant and amazing. The swelling finally went down on the ankle and I was able to start using it without restrictions. If you are looking for pain relief this is the product for you.

  17. Dana Rush

    ONE 13 is fantastic!! I have been able to get through my days pain free ever since I started using it! The relief is instant and a little goes a long way! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for instant pain relief.

  18. Bronson Norwood

    One 13 has been a game changer for me! I had knee surgery over a year ago and re injured my knee, but nothing seemed to help alleviate the pain. I found ONE 13, and it has been the only thing that has relived the constant pain I deal with on a daily basis! There is little to no scent and it doesn’t have a greasy residue. I would recommend this product to anyone!

  19. Sharon

    I was a mail carrier for over 30 years, which lead to carpel tunnel in both of my hands. One 13 has helped me tremendously. The pain was so bad for me that some days I couldn’t even move my hands, or bend my fingers. Now that I discovered ONE 13, i am back to living my life pain free! Thank you ONE 13

  20. E. Smith

    Over the years I have tried everything to help manage the pain in my ankle. I finally found something within my price range that works. Its a great topical ! I
    will recommend this to my friends/family.

  21. Julian Alvarez

    One13 is AMAZING!! I’ve been dealing with severe shoulder pain for years and tried just about every product on the market. Most products are too greasy or have a strong smell that never goes away. From the first time I used One13 I knew it was unlike all the rest. Pain relief was virtually instantaneous, with no strong smell or greasy residue. If you deal with daily pain like I do, I recommend you try One13. It will change your life.

  22. Harry H

    After 32 years in the Military and wearing “low bid” combat boots, I’ve been suffering with foot and ankle pain. So when my wife and I decided to go to Disneyland/California Adventure with 3 day park hopper tickets, I needed something to help with the pain. Seeing the FOX10 news segment on One13 made it seem too good to be true. I purchased it, tried it and I cannot express how much better it made my ankles feel. My wife and I would sit down on a bench and she would massage a little bit on my ankles. We would do this every 4-5 hours. One13 made ALL the difference in the world and we had a blast!!!I Take it from me, if you are on the fence concerning this lotion, get off of that fence and order it… works! ONE13 is the Best!

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