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About CBD

How to Relieve Soreness & Muscle Pain After Yoga

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that incorporates elements of meditation, conscious breathing, and deep stretches into a…

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Different Types of CBD Oil Offer a Variety of Choices for CBD Consumers

In recent years, CBD, or cannabidiol, has become one of the hottest products around. Rising consumer demand and lack of…

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Is CBD the new Tylenol?

Is CBD Safer & More Effective Than Tylenol or Advil? In the United States alone, an estimated 50 million people…

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CBD Oil for Pets

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil For Pets Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, has been in…

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The ABCs of CBDs – Learning the Basics of Topical CBD Use & Storage

Cannabinoids, or CBD, is a compound found in hemp and cannabis plants. CBDs can be administered in many ways including…

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The Truth About CBD Regulations

Is CBD a DEA Controlled Substance? In the United States, the Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, is a division of…

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Patients, Doctors, & Pharmacies Benefiting from Opioid Alternatives

Establishing Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain In the United States, an estimated 50 million people suffer from chronic pain. which…

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CBD and cannabis

Difference Between Hemp Oil & CBD Oil

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: What’s the Difference? The cultivation and use of cannabis and hemp products dates back thousands…

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CBD oil drug test

Will CBD Oil Make Me Test Positive On A Drug Test?

Does CBD Oil Show Up On A Drug Test? CBD oil and CBD products have changed the lives of people…

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A Brief History of Hemp

Hemp-derived CBD products are not new. In fact, hemp has been used by civilizations all over the world for thousands…

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