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How a Mother Uses CBD Products to Reduce Pain and Maximize Productivity

Engaging with the ONE13 community and customers is one thing that’s really important to our team. Hearing stories about how ONE13 has helped people live more full lives is always inspiring us, so of course we want to share them with you. In each story featured, we strive to learn about “one thing” that matters the most.


Speaking with Teresa Arteca, mother, entrepreneur and new ONE13 user, it’s clear that her “one” is flexibility. Working for herself gives her the flexibility to spend more quality time with her family, and using ONE13 helps Teresa keep her physical flexibility, too.


Teresa Arteca is the owner of TenPoint5 Barre Studio Central Phoenix. As a busy ‘mompreneur’ and regular practitioner of yoga and Barre, ONE13 CBD Lotion has become her ‘go to’ relief for aches, pains and soreness.


Teresa has always been involved in fitness and health, so when she saw an opportunity come up, it seemed to be a wonderful fit for her dream of opening a Barre studio. “Running it, and adding yoga along the way seemed like the best direction for me to go,” said Teresa.

“Working for myself has been a wonderful lifestyle choice. It’s given me the flexibility to manage my schedule for business in a way that allows me to spend time with my kids. It’s a huge benefit, but it can also be a problem if I am injured or too sore to teach. I’m not a big fan of pills, so I’ll only take something like Ibuprofen if it’s absolutely necessary. Finding ONE13 was a game changer for me.”


When a friend offered a sample of ONE13, Teresa was slightly skeptical, but agreed to give it a try.


“Tenseness in my upper back and shoulders had always been a problem for me. I applied some ONE13 and was surprised to find that it worked! Plus it smells great.”


Teresa began using the CBD-based lotion daily, applying a small amount to areas that were sore or stiff. But her biggest surprise would come after a recent car accident. Teresa and the other driver were not hurt badly, but as so often happens, later in the day, she noticed her back was beginning to tense up and she also had the beginning of a headache – which are classic signs of whiplash.


“I rubbed One13 on my back, neck and temples every couple of hours through the day. While I noticed some relief right away, I knew from experience that I should continue to apply the lotion. I’ve found with regular use – and a little goes a long way – pain tends to diminish in problem areas. I woke up the next day without pain or a headache. If I’d have left it, I think it would’ve continued to bother me and I may have had to visit a chiropractor.”

Teresa’s experience with ONE13 has resulted in her recommending it to her students at TenPoint5 Barre Studio Central Phoenix. “One of my students has been having problems with her wrists and legs. I gave her a sample of ONE13 to try, and when she returned, she said the lotion had helped ease the pain.”


The proprietary blend of ONE13 CBD lotion has made a difference for many active adults, as well as people of all ages. Isn’t it time you give it a try?

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