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Mompreneur Discovers Unconventional Way to Focus on What Really Matters

Engaging with the ONE13 community and customers is one thing that’s really important to our team. Hearing stories about how ONE13 has helped people live more full lives is always inspiring us, so of course we want to share them with you. In each story featured, we strive to learn about “one thing” that matters the most.

Speaking with Amie Alonzo, mother, entrepreneur and ONE13 user, it’s clear that her “one” is daughter Bria. Spending quality time with her little girl and making lasting memories is Amie’s ultimate happy place.

The life of a parent is busy enough. Add in entrepreneur, and things can get a bit rough, especially when you’re trying to find and maintain a good balance between work and play. Amie is the founder and CEO of Briabay, a line of 100% handmade children’s clothing. As a busy ‘mompreneur,’ she’s also become a firm believer in the power of ONE13 CBD Lotion.

“Sewing used to be just a hobby for me, but it’s gradually morphed into a full-time business. I love the flexibility of working for myself, and setting my own schedule. I get to spend quality time with my daughter and husband, and work on my designs and sewing whenever I’m in a creative mood, or pretty much any hour of the day or night,” said Amie.

From part-time hobby to full-time business, Briabay – named for daughter Bria (her mini-muse, design inspiration and built-in product tester) – is rapidly growing, which has meant more hours at the sewing machines and design tables for Amie.

Amie Alonzo, founder of Briabay, teaching her daughter Bria the finer points about sewing and the family business.

The demands of carrying around a growing kid combined with crouching over the sewing machine and computer had manifested into a physical problem. As a person who had suffered from stress headaches all her life, Amie found that she was having muscle cramps and stiffness in her neck and shoulders as well as joint aches and pain in her hands. “It was getting harder for me to do everyday things with Bria, like playing outside or getting down on the floor for a tea party or to play a game.”

Finding something that could ease the pain without making her sleepy or that wasn’t a strong, potentially habit-forming drug was also becoming a problem.

“In the past, I’d go have a massage, or pop a couple of Advil. Now, spare time for massages is getting harder to find, and they only provide temporary relief. Even worse? My trusty sidekick, Advil, wasn’t really working for me anymore,” Amie continued. “So when my husband gave me a bottle of ONE13 CBD lotion, I was certainly open to trying it. I had heard a lot about the wonders of CBDs, but like most people, I was on the skeptical side. Luckily, I was even more curious about its effect.”

Amie describes having a persistent, painful ache in the joint of her middle finger, which was complicating her sewing tasks. “I rubbed a bit of ONE13 on it, not really expecting it to do anything. Nobody was more surprised than me when the pain faded away, almost instantly!”

All Briabay items are handmade, so keeping her hands in good health is extremely important to Amie.

Figuring that if CBD lotion worked on her fingers, it could work on her sore neck muscles, she tried it.

“It was surprising to me that it worked so well. I’ve always been a bit on the skeptical side of things, especially when it comes to holistic medicine, so finding something that really worked, without side effects or heavy drugs, was amazing.”

Amie shared that while she used ONE13 regularly, the pain didn’t come back, so she was able to do all the things she wanted to do. But like so many people, once the problem went away, she forgot about maintaining the solution.

“Yes, I stopped using it for a while because I didn’t think I needed it anymore,” she laughs. “Boy, was I wrong. The pain and headaches gradually crept back, and it got harder to do things with my daughter. By that time, it had been so long that I’d forgotten about using the lotion. One day, I had a sudden epiphany that hit me like a ton of bricks. ONE13 was the reason I had been pain-free for months. I got a new bottle immediately, and started using it religiously every morning; rubbing the lotion into my neck and upper back, as well as my hands. I won’t ever be without it again. It’s that valuable to me and my daily health.”

A completely unstaged photo of One13 in the Briabay workspace.

“I love how the lotion feels slightly tingly, and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Best of all, I like not having pain, because it means I can do the things I want to do. ONE13 will always have a place in my medicine cabinet,” concluded Amie.

Find Briabay online at or on Instagram @Briabay.

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