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The FAQs of CBDs

Due to misinformation about CBD relief, we feel it is important to provide accurate information about CBDs as they relate to ONE13. The following are some commonly asked questions that we are consistently asked about ONE13:

What is CBD?

  • CBD is a cannabinoid with therapeutic qualities that can be extracted from the hemp plant. In studying the plant, researchers found at least 113 phytochemical compounds that are collectively called cannabinoids.

Do I need a prescription to buy One13?

  • No, you do not need a prescription to buy ONE13, however a medical practitioner may be the initial provisioner of this product to you.

Can I legally buy One13 from this site?

  • ONE13 has no prohibitions on sale in the United States. According to the FDA, hemp and hemp-derived extracts are food-based products posing no legal restriction. Sale of products derived from non-psychoactive hemp are legal on both a federal and state level, thus they can be distributed directly to consumers.

Can I get “high” from the CBDs in One13?

  • ONE13 contains hemp-derived CBDs, which means that the CBD contained in ONE13 does not have psychoactive properties, or effects that alter your mind. More importantly, clinical studies show that CBD may have extensive medical applications, probably more so than any other cannabinoid.

Is One13 safe for children?

  • ONE13 is safe for both adults and children. ONE13 is gluten free, paraben free and cruelty free. ONE13 is made with premium, non-narcotic ingredients.

Why has One13 been formulated as a lotion?

  • While CBD products can be prepared in many fashions, ONE13 has been scientifically formulated and prepared for topical application, allowing you to seamlessly work this product into your vitality routine while avoiding the stigma of pills. The patent-pending technology contained in ONE13 provides for fast relief that really works — so you can live the life you love.

Will One13’s CBDs impact my drug test?

  • No, ONE13 will not impact your drug test results. You are safe to use ONE13 consistently, without negative impact on your employment, personal or athletic life.